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How to Design Your Own Engagement Ring - The Full Guide

There are a plethora of reasons why you may want to design your own engagement ring. Little aspects such as the number of prongs or center stone can seem very trivial at first, but it can be the difference between a lovely ring that isn't just your taste, and one that just fits your taste and style perfectly.
It's always a splendid idea to try to utilize your own creativity, instinct and unique sense of judgment to create a perfect gift for that special someone. You can put this creativity into a real and rewarding use by choosing to design an engagement ring for your sweetheart.
If you are interested in being responsible for the design of your own ring, then you need first to believe and realize that it isn't rocket science and can be done by any serious person. Also, you are at the right place as we cover some important tips aimed at helping you design and choose the perfect engagement ring.
Here are a few things you need to know before you set out to design your own engage ring:

Select High-Quality Gem or Diamond

One of the first and most important step when creating your engagement ring to know the exact diamond or gem you are going to select. The quality of gem you choose has a lot to say about the symbol of love, so it’s advisable not to pick a stone with inferior quality as far as a proposal is concerned. It is crucial for you to understand that this is complex, so purchasing the certified gem or diamond is the result. If you already have a picture in your mind, then let's move to the next step.

How to design a ring - shapes

 Examine Size and Shape


After you are done with the step above, the next step is for you to check the cut thoroughly. Make sure the form is accurate as per the setting. To avoid any hassles of cutting it with tools, which will require more skills and expertise to give it a furnished look which will end up taking a whole lot of your time, try selecting a stone that already has the perfect shape.

Select Matching Setting
After you are through with all the necessary cutting stuff, find a setting that is suitable. Now to be a bit more specific, be sure that the level of the stone is deep enough, and that it's touching the skin and resting firmly on its seat. Ensure that you don't pick a weak material or shape to reduce the risk of color fading and infections to sensitive skins.

Different Metals (rose gold or yellow gold)
When you are trying to design your own engagement ring little, this can often make a huge difference. Getting a small detail wrong can ruin the whole process for you, and leave wondering where you got it wrong. Deciding on which metal to go with, for instance, can have a significant impact – like choosing between a classic feel (such as platinum or white gold) and one that is seen as more contemporary (such as yellow or rose gold).

Intertwined Bands with Different Shapes of Diamond (Custom or Round)
The majority of ladies have a very strong preference as far as the shape of their stone is concerned, and the reason for this is not far-fetched. Even when it comes to the same setting, the center diamond's shape can give a ring that a look that is entirely different.

how to design a ring - shapes #2


Different Gemstones as Accents
Do you cherish the idea of adding a pop of color to spice up your engagement ring? Stick to a hue you are used to or a gemstone that has a special place in your heart (i.e. your partner or your own birthstone).

Pave with Different Diamond Shapes (Oval or Marquise)
The shape of your center stone will have a unique touch and make a strong statement of intent, in particular with a simple pave setting. Marquise and oval shaped stones are two exotic options you don't get to see quite often.

Different Halo Shapes
Halo settings are one of the latest trends, and there is no sign that they are going out of fashion any time soon. But even if you are confident that you have a preference for a halo (which has an accentuating effect on your center stone and making it larger), there are lots of settings to pick from.
If designing your own engagement ring is what you'd love to do, then you should consider the above options to make the process a much more rewarding and satisfying experience.

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