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All You Need To Know About Cushion Cut Diamonds

Cushion cut diamonds were once called old mine cut; this style combines the square cut with round corners, which make it look like a pillow. The cushion cut has been around for approximately 200 years and was the most popular diamond cut until the early 20th century. Cushion cut diamonds have been making a comeback in the last few years. Here is everything that you need to know about cushion cut diamonds.

There are Different Cuts of Cushion Cut Diamonds

There are different cuts of cushion cut diamonds, and each has their own unique name that describes the style. These cuts can include a classic cushion, modified cushion, crushed ice, broken glass, square cushion, rectangular cushion, large culets, and no culets.

The Difference between the Standard and Modified Cushion Cut Diamonds

The two main cuts of cushion cut diamonds are standard and modified. There is not a huge difference in appearance between the different cuts, but if you take a closer look at the two cuts, there are small differences. The standard cut has been around longer, while the modified cushion cut is a modern variation of the standard cut. The modified cut was designed to modernize the cushion cut. The choice of the cut will affect the appearance of the stone because the facet pattern affects the shine and color of the diamond.

2.65 ct Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

2.65 ct Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring


 Cushion Cut Diamonds are Misunderstood

There is a lot of misinformation about cushion cut diamonds online, which is why they are so misunderstood. One of the biggest misunderstandings about cushion cut diamonds is the names of the cuts. Many people online state that you need a standard cushion cut if you want a ‘chunky cushion’, and a modified cushion for a ‘crushed ice’ cushion. However, these are different cuts of cushion cut diamonds. There is also not a huge amount of differences between the shapes and appearance of the diamonds. The cut names refer to the number of facets the diamond has.

Cushion Cut Diamonds are Different Princess Cut Diamonds

Princess cut and cushion cut diamonds do look similar, but they are two different cuts of diamonds. The princess cut has become a popular option for engagement rings because a princess cut diamond is square with pointed corners, whereas a cushion cut will have rounded corners. The sparkle of the diamond is also different between a princess and cushion cut diamond. Cushion cut diamonds have a softer gleam, while a princess cut diamond will have a bright sparkle.


 How to Buy Cushion Cut Diamonds

If you are planning to buy cushion cut diamonds, you should pick the cut that you enjoy the look of. Once you have decided on the cushion cut you want, you should consider the four Cs of diamonds, which are: cut, color, clarity, and carat-weight. The color of the diamond will show stronger in cushion cut diamonds because of the higher number of facets.
Clarity can be tricky with cushion cut diamonds, as they are cut in a way that hides inclusions in the diamond. This can make diamonds that are full of inclusions look nicer. If you want to know the clarity of a cushion cut diamond, you should ask to see the diamond before it is cut. It should be clear, with few inclusions, if any at all. Carat is simply the weight of the diamond that you are buying.
Cushion cut diamonds are classic and unique. There are different styles of cushion cut diamonds available, and each looks different depending on the lighting. The cushion cut diamond is a great option for anyone who is looking for a classic diamond. 

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