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Amazing Ring Photographs Every Bride and Groom Must Have in Their Wedding Album

One of the most important decisions you'll make when it comes to your wedding is choosing a wedding photographer. They will document your day with you and your partner and will be responsible for capturing those special moments forever.
We all know the classic shots you’ll need to get: the happy couple, family shots, cheesy group photos with your entourage, you know the rest. But perhaps the most overlooked are the wedding rings. Remember, your weddings rings symbolise the eternal commitment of your union and show the world that you’re now taken. With that in mind, don’t you think it’s a shot you want to get just right?

Most people get the ‘focus on the rings on the couple’s fingers’ shot (and rightfully so!), but that’s not the only way you can do it. We’ve put together some of the must-have shots to capture this incredible moment and add to your photo album. 

Holding Hands

Ah, the quintessential shot of your wedding rings! This image shows the commitment and love that has occurred on your special day. An image of the bride and groom holding hands while showing the rings is a symbol of the bride and groom's ‘togetherness.' Since this shot will be a close up of your hands, make sure that your nails are looking their best, as the background of the shot will also be important. 

Holding Hands with rings
Photo courtesy of Darin Collison Photography

Scrabble Letters

A really cute and fun way to get the much-needed snap of the rings is to incorporate scrabble letters. These photos will reek of love, and there are countless ways you can use your scrabble letters, using them along with your ring to spell out words such as Love, Forever, Joy, I Do, or any word you feel best describes your relationship. If the style of your wedding is rustic, then this photograph will fit in great with the rest of your album, giving it a quirky and unique touch. 

Scrabble Letters photo with ring
Photo courtesy of Pinterest

With the Dress

When it comes to bridal attire, the ring and the dress are two of the things most spoken about, so it seems fitting to pair the two together for the perfect snapshot. There are many ways to achieve this photograph depending on your and the photographer's style; you can have the ring on your finger while placing your hand on top of the dress, or lay the dress down and rest the ring on top of it. There’s no end to creativity! 

rings photos with dress
Photo courtesy of Pinterest

The Wedding Date

Once the date has been set and the invitations have been sent, you will remember that date forever, so photographing the rings on a calendar on the day of your wedding makes for a really meaningful image. If you’ve already picked out your color scheme, then having a calendar in the same range will tie in nicely with all the other photos in your wedding album. 

rings with the wedding date
Photo courtesy of Critsey Rowe Photography

Back in The Box

An amazing ring photograph you need to have in your wedding album is a picture of the bride's wedding ring or both wedding rings in their original box. When your ring or rings are pictured in their original boxes, it will remind you of the place where everything started, and the journey you’ve taken to be where you are now. Simple shots can be very meaningful, so make sure to give yourself lots of choices when it comes to photographing your rings.

back in the box rings
Photo courtesy of The Mrs Box

On Your Wedding Invite

You’ve spent lots of time and effort designing your wedding invitations, so make sure you show them off again by having a picture taken of your rings placed on top of your invitation. To be certain you’re able to get this shot, keep a spare invite as most guests will not bring them along to your reception. 

Rings on your wedding invite
Photo courtesy of John Solano Photography

With Your Bouquet

A picture of your gorgeous bridal bouquet and your ring together is a super cute idea. These types of pictures are great to look back on, as they will remind you of all the attention to detail that went into planning your unique wedding. There are two ways to get this shot, either by placing your ring on top of your bouquet or getting a picture of your hands holding your bouquet, as that juxtaposition of natural elements with stonework adds some interest. 

rings with With Your Bouquet
Photo courtesy of Kym Griffiths Photography

With Your Heels

If you are a shoe lover and have a gorgeous, unusual or amazing pair of heels for your wedding, then this picture is a great way of showcasing both your shoes and your ring in one picture. This shot will add style and glamor to any wedding album and will show off your personal style. 

Ring with Your Heels
Photo courtesy of Carasco Photography

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