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About Us

Welcome to Benz & Co Magnificent collection of bespoke diamond engagement rings and fine jewelry.

After years of selling countless diamonds to dealers and retail stores, helping to create thousands of one-of-a-kind items that will be cherished forever, I am proud to present my own exquisite collection. The new collection symbolizes elegance, modern chic and reflects a triumph in handcrafted perfection. At Benz & Co., we believe that each and every diamond is unique and has its own wonderful characteristics that, with the proper care and expert design, can be showcased to expose their inherent beauty.

My family has been in the diamond industry for over sixty years. Being raised within a family that has so much love and passion for diamonds endowed me with a sense of true appreciation for every aspect of this rewarding profession. From a very young age, I’ve considered the endless possibilities of precious stones, fueling my creative energy. My passion for design resonates through each piece that I create. I handpick every diamond and design the jewels around them from scratch. I am a perfectionist at heart, and I put forth my full efforts to make sure every detail of each piece is created to the highest standards.

My family supplies both polished and rough diamonds to dealers and retail stores all around the world, from our offices: New York, Antwerp (Belgium) and Ramat Gan (Israel).

My family and I have extensive experience, and I leverage our expertise to identify diamonds that I know will surprise and delight my clients. Of course, value plays a big part in my artistic decision making. I also believe that any piece the customer chooses should be a sound and rewarding investment, which they can cherish and treasure forever.

The pieces you see online in the “PreSet” category section are now in stock and available for you to view at any time in our New York City showroom at the world famous “Diamond Tower,” located on 580 Fifth Ave. Maintaining adequate inventory and having the items on hand is very important to me. We develop photographs and videos in which I strive to provide a comprehensive idea of what you will be purchasing before they lay eyes on it for the first time. We invite you to browse this exquisite collection of custom designed pieces, and if you still cannot find “the one,” I can work with you to design an exclusive piece.

Our Diamonds Are of Exceptional Quality

For the uneducated buyer, buying diamonds can be challenging, especially as the average customer is not trained in diamond quality evaluation. At Benz & Co, we believe that trust is just as important of a quality as carat, cut, color, and quality, and take seriously our obligation to make our customers feel assured. Please note, all of our diamonds are certified by the most trusted gemological laboratories including the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the International Gemological Institute (IGI) and the European Gemological Institute (EGI).

Prices You Can Afford

We provide our buyers with the most competitive market prices. How? We avoid the "middleman," which the vast majority of retailers are forced to employ. By doing so, we essentially offer our items at wholesale prices.

Traditionally, there are seven steps that are involved in the supply chain of diamonds.

First, the stones get mined in exotic geographical regions. The stones move to the cutters, then to the market buyers. They get purchased by wholesalers, brokers, stores, and finally, by the end customers. In each step, there is a price mark-up, making the stones more expensive. At our company, we eliminate all of the unnecessary stages in the supply chain. This ensures that the stones are sold at near wholesale prices.


We have never bought a diamond based solely on its certificate. Neither should you. Diamonds are either cut for profit or for beauty. Either to reach the most profitable weight or yield the most remarkable stone. Diamonds are too often mainly sold based on their 4Cs, leaving you unable to separate the average from the best cut gems. While we keep our diamond competitive prices with the reality of the market, we will add the convenience and value of sorting and visually identifying the most desirable stones to ensure that you are getting the very best.


The setting makes the ring. Design and detail are the factors that set your ring apart from all of the others. The quality of our diamonds makes the jewelry white and bright and the proportions of our rings make them so beautiful on the finger. Each is assembled one step at a time and finely polished like a mirror. Our one of kind beauties transforms an object into a sentiment.

Our Diamonds Are Sourced Ethically

My family has direct connections to miners all around the world, and we are committed to handling only ethically sourced diamonds. We only carry diamonds from conflict-free sources. The relationships my family has built all around the world is a blessing that provides me access to a world-class selection of diamonds to craft, and for you to love and enjoy!


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